These are all my publicly available projects, categorized by their kind. They are not in any specific order. Feel free to try them out, and if you find any issues, please open an issue on the respective issue tracker.

📦 Libraries

Software libraries that can be used by others (mostly Rust crates).

⏰ chronver


🕹️ obws

🗃 unidirs


🚀 Servers

Server components that can be run locally or hosted somewhere.

📼 findstream

Findstream is a better search for Twitch that allows to search directly in stream titles. This doesn’t matter for specific games but is very helpful for variety categories like Art or Science & Technology where many different kind of stream are grouped together in a single category.

For example, you can search for Rust in Science & Technology with this project, allowing you to filter within the category itself which Twitch doesn’t support currently.

🍞 marmalade


🧰 Tools

Utility applications, mostly for the command line.

🐣 cargo-hatch


🧱 ipwall

Ipwall is a very simple tool to download a selection of IP blacklists and apply them to your iptables/ipset rules. It uses the FireHOL level 1-3 blacklists but can be configured to include additional lists as well.

It is meant as a companion to Veto to apply common bad IP blocks in addition to the dynamic blocking of it.

🗳 veto

Veto is a log file based IP blocker that runs as a service on the system, tracks one or more log files and blocks IPs based on the log lines and rules defined by the user.

I started with this project as I was using fail2ban previously but noticed during load tests that it took about 60% of my server’s CPU and I wanted something more lean and fast.

🥧 wholesum


🤖 Bots

Chat bots, usually for Discord.

🍭 octolicious


🤖 togglebot


🫖 Others

Pretty much anything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories.


Amelio is a group project for the IUBH University in Germany. It is a ticket system that helps to report and track errors in study media.


BeatFly is a university project that showcases an application for a radio station. It doesn’t have a server to communicate with, so it emulates one acting like a fully working app. Main features include playing music (obviously) and reviewing and wishing songs.

This app uses the latest Android features (at time of creation) and is completely written in 🍵 Kotlin. Among the used libraries are AndroidX, Dagger, Moshi, Glide and others.