MarkDown Publisher

[ 🦀 Rust ]

MarkDown Publisher (mdpub for short) helps republishing articles of personal blogs on different Markdown based logging platforms. It takes single Markdown files which contains the a post, then updates all links and lastly publishes the article again on Medium or or on both.

This is a helpful tool for anyone who wants to publish posts on their own website but still want to get effects of publishing on other platforms to become more known.

Senstate - Rust client

[ 🦀 Rust • RepositoryCrateDocs ]

Senstate is a debugging dashboard build by a friend of mine. To support his project and also to strengthen my Rust skills, I’m building the client library for this project.

Senstate - Go client

[ 🐹 Go • RepositoryDocs ]

Similar to the rust client, this is the client library (but for Go) to connect and use the Senstate debugging dashboard. It is a little more advanced than the rust version, as I’m stronger in Go currently and is likely to receive updates first.

CRC Check

[ 🐹 Go • Repository ]

CRC Check is a tool to validate CRC32 hashsum within file names. It scans the current directory for any files that contain a hash, calculates the hash from their content and compares both hashes to verify the content wasn’t modified.

It optionally can update the hash if it doesn’t match.


[ 🤖 Android • Repository ]

BeatFly is a university project that showcases an application for a radio station. It doesn’t have a server to communicate with, so it emulates one acting like a fully working app. Main features include playing music (obviously) and reviewing and wishing songs.

This app uses the latest Android features (at time of creation) and is completely written in 🍵 Kotlin. Among the used libraries are AndroidX, Dagger, Moshi, Glide and others.